November Client of the Month: Carrie Mitchell

What’s your favorite quote?
“Accept the challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.”-
George S. Patton
Where did you grow up?
North Dakota
How did you become interested in and how long have you been with Phoenix 360 Fitness? 
Groupon. I didn’t even know what boot camp was, but I bought it anyways. Seems like a good idea at the time, LOL. Time passed and it was going to expire. I was so mad that I bought it because I was in one of those lazy seasons of life. But I was also too cheap to waste it so gave Ryan a call.
What’s was your recent biggest hurdle and how did you overcome/managed it?
I would say one of the biggest hurdles I have had is commitment. I have had my share of healthy habit ups and downs. But it was really tough to have been in a really good place physically and mentally, just to find I out I had breast cancer. Eventually, towards the end of treatment and surgery recovery, I had to quit working out. Though I was very blessed through the entire journey, I eventually gave into unhealthy eating and workout habits. I snapped out of it when I saw one of Ryan’s challenges on Facebook, and and I’m back on the fit train!
What motivates/inspires/determines you to train and push yourself to your limits? 
I am motivated because I want my outer, physical strength to mirror my inner strength. I am also 100% determined to do my first through hike of the Arizona Trail in 2021. It is going to take a lot of training that PHX360 is going to be with me for the whole time! Oh, and I really like having short hair and a skinnier face helps LOL!
How much do you EXERCISE? 3-5X/WK
How has your training at Phoenix 360 helped you in your life? 
I get out and enjoy life more. I can hike further, faster, longer. It has helped my confidence 100%!
What’s your favorite exercise?
How do you balance your time with a job, and taking care of yourself? 
I definitely struggle with balancing work and free time. I’m usually stretched pretty thin working 6 days a week, it is definitely intentional determination to stay balanced.
If you could give our readers one health weightloss tip, what would it be?
When you think you are hungry for a snack, chug a bunch of water!