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“Best gym EVER. Great location, trainers are amazing, I wouldnt go anywhere else.” Heather B.

“Phoenix 360 is a great gym! Followed the nutrition plan and recommendations and was able to exceed my weight loss goal in 6 weeks!” Tami H.

“As an out of towner, this gym welcomed me with open arms. Loved the atmosphere, trainers and music choices. Felt included in the workouts and the trainers made an effort to get to know me, as well as perfect my form as needed. The workout was fun and personalized and made my Saturday morning just more awesome. Highly recommended! Big thanks to Ryan and Jessica for being great assets to this gym!!” Katie B.

“The only gym setting I have felt 100% comfortable with. The trainers are all very knowledgeable and friendly, and the workouts are always different and challenging. Ryan is the owner and lead trainer, and he is nothing but helpful and encouraging, he is one of the most authentic people I have ever met. He will always make time for you to chat about your nutrition, work out, life, and your mutual love for rescue dogs. Come try a work out, and you will be hooked.” Heather D.

“This place is amazing. They work with so many different type of people. The class sizes are small and you always feel welcome. They never make you feel like you are an outcast or you are not “The right type of gym person” they push you to meet your personal goals and check in on you to make sure you don’t give up. Ryan, Blaze and the rest of the gang are worth struggle.. if you are looking for place to work out and feel like a other number then you are looking at the right place. Give them a chance you won’t be disappointed…” Michelle O.

“I had never been to a gym or worked with a trainer before. A friend signed me up for the boot camp at Phoenix 360 and I was terrified to go. Every session turned out to be a great one. Other people there were just starting to train for the first time and some had been doing it for years. Even though my balance sucked and I could barely lift a 15 pound kettle bell I never felt bad or got discouraged. Ryan consistently says “you can” and thanks to his training and attitude I learned that I really CAN. I have lost weight, gained muscle, I look better and most importantly I am not afraid to challenge myself in every aspect of my life. Phoenix 360 is my second home and I love it. People say leave your trouble at the door but I didn’t know how until now. When I step thru those doors it’s all about the sweat :)” Mauryah E.

“I started going to Phoenix 360 in April 2018 based off a recommendation of a friend who was working hard and getting results. I was tired of going to the gym and aimlessly trying to get a good workout in. I love Phx360 for several reasons. First, they offer several sessions throughout the day to accommodate any schedule. The team at Phx360 is amazing. Ryan, who owns Phx360 really cares and takes the time to listen to your needs. Ryan understands that what works for one person, doesn’t work for the next and is willing to help you figure out a plan that works for you. He has been an amazing support throughout my time at the gym. Another reason I love Phx360 is the trainers. Jessica and Lauren are the trainers there at night and they do an amazing job to help every person that shows up. If you’re new, they will work with you to modify exercises that you can do. If you have an injury or pain, they will provide suggestions on how to do the exercises without further injuring yourself. The trainers keep an eye on each client to ensure everyone is using correct form/posture to prevent injury and to get the most out of the workout.

Phx360 offers 30-min quick workouts in a fun and encouraging environment. Even as a newcomer, the other clients are welcoming and encouraging. What’s nice is when you feel like you can’t push anymore, you have someone standing next to you pushing themselves, which keeps you pushing! You’re not doing this alone, which I will tell you is a good feeling. Although my personal journey has been slow due to migraines slowing me down, I have still managed to lose 14 lbs. of pure fat and 9 inches! I am feeling better than ever and what really helped was the 8-week challenge I just finished where I learned how to eat healthier.” Brittany D.

“My fiancé and I take classes here and love it. We started with a Groupon and Ryan didn’t put any pressure on at all. That was part of the reason we committed to 8-months! We love the variety, the people, and the instructors.” Meredith S.

“I was looking for a new gym and wanted to try something different.  Start off with a Groupon and after just a week I signed up to make it my primary gym.  I liked the trainers, gym and the schedule.  Ryan makes it fun and challenging which is a great way to start the day.  Thank you Ryan Glad I found this gym.” Roman B.

“Ryan is an awesome guy. His business is amazing. This guy knows what he’s doing and knows how to help you achieve amazing results. You can’t go wrong with Phoenix 360! Heck of a business Ryan.” Tony S. 

“This gym is my happy place. I’ve tried many different health fads / workout videos / gyms in my life and none of them ever stuck quite like phx360 has. I have been a member for over 3 years now and consider these people my “fit fam”. This family holds you accountable. If you don’t show up to a session, they notice. Members and trainers are constantly cheering for you, and are judgement free because we’ve all been there.

There are so many wonderful things I can say about my second home,but that would turn this post into a book.

Trust that you’re making the right decision in trying this gym out. You won’t regret it.” Jessica F.