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Formulated by PhDs, trusted by Olympians & professionals

Prestige Labs supplements are created and packaged in a GMP-certified facility. Here we test every batch for purity at both the bulk and mixing stages to ensure we create the highest-quality supplements possible formulated using only the freshest, superior ingredients. Remember, remarkable products are the result of combining premium ingredients and the brightest minds in the world. Prestige Labs believes in quality without compromise, a promise you can find in every single one of our products.

Prestige Labs produces high-quality supplements for professional athletes and Olympians, made by one of the best minds in biochemistry, Dr. Trevor Kashey, PhD.

Those of you who know me can attest that I’ve never been a huge supplement guy because I haven’t been able to find anything I truly loved. But for the past several months I’ve personally been working with and learning from Dr. Kashey, and can’t speak highly enough about him. I was so impressed by his credentials, passion and products that I’ve since made it a mission of mine to make Phoenix 360 Fitness a distributor of his supplements so you can try them yourselves and take advantage of our distributor discounts (40% off)! Dr. Trevor Kashey, PhDDr. Trevor Kashey, PhD

I’ve been testing the supplements myself over several months, and they work better than anything I’ve ever tried. I had to go through a number of trainings with the good doc before PHX360 was permitted to be a distributor. Now, we’re proudly one of a limited number of gyms throughout the U.S. and Canada that have been approved and licensed to distribute Prestige Labs Supplements!

Why Prestige Labs Supplements are so great

The supplement industry is unregulated. Most products are untested for purity, and produced in facilities that fail inspections. Pure, high-quality ingredients can be expensive, so it’s easy for companies to cut corners. Prestige Labs has changed all of that.

Prestige Labs supplements are:

  • Formulated by Dr. Kashey and his team
    •  Got PhD in Biochemistry at age 20 (the youngest in U.S. history)
    •  Got a Bachelors degree in Chemistry at age 17
    •  Finished High School at age 15
    •  Took SATs when he was 11
    •  World record breaker in Strongman
    •  Olympic advisor for nutrition and supplementation for a host of countries
    •  Advises a number of olympians and professional clients
    •  Personally tested over 3,000 ingredients to formulate the best possible line of supplements
  • Manufactured by the same facility that supplies Whole Foods
    •  GMC-certified
    •  Never failed an inspection
    •  Every batch is tested for purity, both at the bulk stage and at final mixing
  • Trusted by Physicians—multiple physicians have endorsed this line
  • Used by Olympians
  • Used by professional athletes
  • Uncompromised—they refuse to cut corners

To put it simply, Dr. Kashey was tired of the crappy supplements on the market, and decided to put his PhD to work to create the purest line of supplements possible. It’s for these reasons that we believe Prestige Labs are the best supplements on the market today.

What Prestige Labs Supplements Do

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I have never been into supplements in the past but started using prestige during a new workout program and in one month have gained amazing results. I have noticed a huge difference in my performance during workouts and especially in recovery. If you don’t use supplements and are looking to get into them this is the brand for you.”

-Tomi Maldonado

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