Online Client Application

I want to personally thank you for your interest in starting this exclusive, life-changing nutrition and mental wellness experience. When I first released the Game Changer program to my members at Phoenix 360 Fitness in 2015, I never could have known just how popular it would be, or how effective it would be in teaching everyone how to balance eating right and losing weight with being able to splurge and eat their favorite foods week in and week out.

Since then, the program has evolved into what it is today, a 60 day blueprint for losing stubborn weight, creating mental discipline, and (maybe for the first time) truly getting to know yourself and what makes you tick. See, my goal is to make sure you have the tools and knowledge to keep the ball rolling after the 60 days and to also rebuild your belief in yourself.

Please fill out the new client questionnaire below, and tell me as much as you can about yourself. This will help me to get to know you more before we speak on the phone, and be able to optimize your results.


I loved the Game Changer program because it was more than just a diet fad or quick cleanse. My goal was to improve my nutritional discipline and accountability rather than weight loss alone and this was the first program that helped me to do that. I was also trying to find a better method that I could maintain, rather than just another diet trend that would last a few weeks and only give me temporary results.
The Game Changer program did all of those things for me and what really set it apart was the constant support and nutritional insight from Ryan. It was challenging at first but that was the phase that helped to kick-start my weight loss. Each phase after that had it’s pros and cons but by the end of the program Ryan had helped me find a system that worked for me. Not only was it a realistic way of balancing what I ate, permanently, but it helped me to lose weight that I didn’t even think I could lose. -Kelsey C.


I’ve lost 40 pounds using the Game Changer program and continued to lose and maintain through consistent attendance at the daily boot camps while working one on one with Ryan for nutrition.
This program is for someone looking to lose weight but it’s also for someone who wants a challenge and to maintain. I have met some of the coolest people these last two months and they’re all kind and encouraging. Don’t think you can’t make the change. You’ll meet people who will put every ounce of faith in you all you have to do is show up and do the work. -Erica C.


Thanks for the guidance you gave me during the program it educated me on how eating clean is not just about eating “salads” and working out. For me eating clean was about learning how having a good combination of meal types and proper meal portions can help with feeling good. The 20 lbs and body fat that I lost was a bonus from the combination of clean meals and times I spent at sweat bootcamp classes. I learned how to make proper meal choices and that it’s okay to have cheat meals. I am thankful I give the program a chance it really proved to myself that I can eat and play and to hold myself accountable for my food choices.
Thank you Ryan for the opportunity! -Roman B.


Game Changer was the best things I’ve ever done for MYSELF. I’ve tried all the fad diets and had enough with seeing zero results. I had a real conversation with Ryan (the greatest trainer EVER) and he had me sign up for the challenge. The number one thing I loved about it, was that each week was different. If it was a tough week, I knew there was light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. After the challenge, I would alternate the weeks I loved and didn’t love as much (I love lots of carbs), to help me maintain. This program helped me lose the weight I wanted and helped me gain the most confidence I’ve ever had. I had a great experience and the challenge was 100%, completely worth it. -Diane T.


Before I started Game Changer I was at my highest weight I had ever been and was constantly feeling sluggish. I had slowly gained weight over the years due to my depression which caused me to turn to food for comfort. Ryan Lucero was a big supporter in my start of Game Changer by answering all my questions and just being there to talk to. He helped me whenever I didn’t feel right and would suggest reasons why I may be feeling that way. This helped because it gave me peace of mind. Before Game Changer I was counting calories which was a good start, but that didn’t teach me about nutrition and how to balance my carb, fat, and protein intake. Game Changer was great because for eight weeks it laid out what I should be consuming for fat, carbs, and protein each week. I always considered this to be a meal plan and never once felt like it was a diet. After eight weeks of implementing this meal plan and exercise into my lifestyle I lost 30 pounds (I’ve now lost 60!) This was a wonderful, difficult, but doable journey. One thing that really helped me throughout the program was to stick to the plan as closely to it as possible. On days that I would slip up I always reminded myself to get back on track and not let my slip up ruin all my hard work. As time went on I started feeling the results both physically and mentally. The feeling made me feel confident and want to continue what I was doing. This program was nice because once I finished the eight weeks I continued keeping off the weight and losing more by continuing with week three meal plan template. Overall, Game Changer taught me that I can still enjoy certain foods, but in moderation and on certain specified cheat days. It truly has made me into a better person and made me feel confident about myself. -Elizabeth C.