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Starting with whole foods first, and then adding in only the absolute BEST supplements that we’ve found over the years is the cornerstone of every nutrition plan we develop.

Supplements should be just that, a supplement to your food plan and not a foundation.

Everything on this list is personally used by us and recommended to our clients to help in their fatloss journey and enhance their life. We promise to use and love everything and anything that makes it onto this short list.

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biotrust-lowcarb-150x150Biotrust Low Carb Protein PowderWhy drink this? Protein powders are notorious for two things: not mixing well, and being made from poor ingredients sweetened with aspartame. Biotrust Low Carb is the perfect low carb/fat addition to your whole food based nutrition plan. Many of our clients report a surge in weight loss from using this product alone!Athletic-Greens-150x150

Athletic Greens– Why take this? Athletic Greens is the best all-in-one supplement we’ve found. If you want to combine protein, probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins and vegetables in one easy drink for the day, then get this asap. It’s our personal favorite.

MCT Oil– Low carb, high fat weight loss food plans are best with tasty “Bullet Proof Coffee!” Why use this? BPC calls for top-notch MCT oil and Onnit has us covered! Two stir1things that have recently been uncovered are that healthy fats promote weight loss and that most people are just eating too many carbs. This will upgrade your health by ditching the caffeine rush for a natural source of energy. Feel free to write us and ask how to correctly incorporate BPC into your food plan.


Fitness Fiber– Why use this? After ten years of developing nutrition plans, one thing always stands out: A severe lack of fiber in everyone’s diet. Harvard studies have shownimage_skuOPT415_largeImage_X_450_white the link between weight loss and getting the correct amount of fiber daily. Ditch the dangerous weight loss pills and drop a few bucks on this! You should see immediate results (men 40 grams daily, women 25-30)


 Home Equipment

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training– We freaking LOVE these and use them in our facility! Squat-to-Shoulder-Press

Rogue Fitness– The BEST fitness equipment, clothes, shoes and MORE!


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