December Client of the Month: Shauna Meredith

79373659_1204180906448315_1661810163507527680_nFavorite quote:

I hate favorites… I’m a very indecisive person, here are 4 quotes that I love:

“Radiate boundless love towards the entire world” — Buddha

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else” — Booker T Washington

“Change your thoughts and you change your world” — Norman Vincent Peale

“If you’re not excited by it, it’s not the right path” — Abraham Hicks

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Glendale, AZ

78100264_787334635098849_4599628696607784960_nHow did you become interested in and how long have you been with Phoenix 360 Fitness?

I found a Groupon for Phoenix 360 I think 4 or 5 years ago? I think I did 30 days on the Groupon? Loved it and the atmosphere you created so then I think I signed up for another few months. But then 360 moved, and I moved, and it was just too far. But then, 18 months ago, it finally worked out and I was able to come back! Have been back consistently (ish — minus those terrible few months) ever since! Recently Ryan approached me about doing the 6 Week Challenge Program and that’s how I lost 20 pounds recently!

What motivates/inspires/determines you to train and push yourself to your limits?

Hmmm… I am super motivated by a good and positive sense of competition. Seeing other people push themselves makes me want to match their drive. I also just really thrive on the adrenaline of feeling strong and able. And, just knowing that the more I push myself the better I will be at my job is super motivating.

What’s was your biggest hurdle and how did you overcome it?

My biggest hurdle? Can I say this? A lazy ex-boyfriend followed by a shitty break up? Losing myself too much in my relationship and then struggling with rejection? Oh oh… maybe I’ll just say burn out from my job. That’s probably a better/easier thing to publish 😉 Either way, I was able to overcome both my relationship ending and my burnout from having an amazing support system. My friends, my family, and Ryan, were vital in getting me through this season of life. And of course having God’s love surround me has been life changing.

How much do you exercise?

So I try to do at least one 30 minute Sweat Bootcamp class at PHX360 Mon-Sat. Now that it’s nicer, I also try to walk or hike 30-45 min 2-3 days a week. My job is also extremely physical and taxing. I teach modern dance for 1.5-2 hours 3 days a week, ballet for 4 hours 1 day a week, and rehearse choreography I create for 2 hours 1 day a week. I’m not sure you can count that as extra exercise though since it’s my job 🙂

How has your training at Phoenix 360 helped you in your life?

My training at PHX360 has been so influential to my job. It has allowed me to become a better dance teacher and a better dancer, and has decreased a ton of pain in my joints. And honestly, just having the support of Ryan has gotten me to a place I never thought I could be both physically and emotionally. And, I just love the community created through the bootcamp classes. Everyone is encouraging and so warm and friendly. It’s such a lovely environment to be in!

79112259_550429079138357_9027448290374844416_nWhat’s your favorite exercise?

I told you I don’t do favorites! So.Many.Exercises.To.Choose.From!! One of my favorite strength exercises has got to be the barbell deadlift. It’s a fantastic full-body exercise that makes me feel really strong, and it targets some weaker areas of my body that need attention (e.g. hamstrings!). I also really love KB cleans and KB snatches. They’re just really fun and I feel cool slugging weights around. 🙂 And then of course there’s rows… Probably one of my all time favorites in any form.

How do you balance your time with a job, and taking care of yourself?

My job requires me to take care of myself. I tried to do it for a year or so without taking care of myself and it was miserable and painful and I just wasn’t a good teacher and couldn’t dance the way I wanted. So, now I make sure to go to boot camp at least 5 days a week. I make much healthier food choices. I meal prep! Meal prepping is so important. I foam roll as much as possible and get a massage every 6 weeks or so. I’m lucky because my job is so active so I’m not stuck sitting all day, and it allows me some flexibility in schedule. But, I do try to put everything in a schedule! If I don’t plan out every part of my day, I won’t make time for meal prepping, foam rolling, etc. So it all literally has to be part of my to-do list for each day.

If you could give our readers one health weightloss tip, what would it be?

Hmmm only one tip?! Just keep going. Don’t feel shame if you “mess up” with your nutrition or miss a session. Let it go and get back on it. Just keep going, even if you’re not feeling it. Push through bad feelings or unmotivated bouts, even if you’re on auto pilot. Just keep going. And just realize how amazing your body is and all it can do for you. If you treat it nicely, it will do wonders for you. 🙂

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