40% off for 48 hours only!

Introducing Prestige Labs at Phoenix 360 Fitness…

You may or may not know this, but September/October is a big deal around here this year! It marks ten years since I created Phoenix 360 Fitness and five years exactly at our current location.

For our anniversary I wanted to upgrade everything. More clients, better programs and even an all new supplement line that reflected some spots that we needed filled for the new programs I just mentioned.

I want you to use This 40% Off Link​ and go check them out. Many of them are already being used with our 6 Week Challengers, 42 Day Detox clients and every day members with AMAZING results.

To sweeten the pot even more I’m going to give you a custom meal plan to go with the purchase of any supplement to make sure you’re covered on both ends! Just reply to info@phx360fitness.com and show me a screenshot of your receipt and we’ll jump on the phone and get you set up for FREE!

Some popular 7 day custom plans:

  • low carb
  • keto
  • athletic training
  • extreme fatloss
  • gluten free
  • post pregnancy weightloss

If you’re the kind of person that likes working out at home, or on your own but need nutrition guidance this is perfect for you!

Talk to you soon!

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