How To Recover From Your Crazy @SS Weekend

You know how it feels to wake up on Monday morning after a weekend of less-than-healthy eating… Your body is puffy and bloated, you have a headache and pretty much feel like $hit. Oh yeah- your joints are achy and your clothes feel tight. Cool huh?

Maybe you feel that way right now as you read this.

Lets get you back on track.

Step One: Get Focused.
Your crazy weekend happened. You ate things from your “never eat these” list, you drank more that you should have. You had coyote arm this morning. But, now it’s over.

Draw a line in the sand. Here’s what we can control- The bad eating stops now.

If you’re serious about your fitness goals, then this weekend was the exception, and not the rule. Maybe it was your birthday, or your friends and family were gathered for a celebration, and the peer pressure to partake in unhealthy food was too much for you to resist.

Don’t beat yourself up for falling off the fitness wagon this once. Simply get back up, dust yourself off and get re-focused. Leave the past, and your slip-ups, in the past. 

Step Two: Get Hydrated.
While bad eating can take on many forms, the end result is most often dehydration and water retention. The only way to restore balance is to get hydrated.

Your first priority in getting back on track is to drink plenty of water throughout your day. Start with a tall glass of water right now, and carry a water bottle with you later in the day.

Don’t add artificial sweeteners or stimulants to your water – these will work against your hydration efforts. To add flavor, slice fresh fruit, herbs or vegetables to place in your water, just like at the spa.

Step Three: Get Picky.
For the next few days I need you to be extra picky about what you eat. Stick with only whole, real foods like fruits, vegetables and some lean meat. Whole, real foods will quickly help to restore balance.

Don’t eat packaged foods for the next few days. Don’t eat breakfast at Starbucks. This means saying no to snack foods, processed meat slices, dairy, baked goods and alcohol.

Go to the grocery store today and make time to prep meals for the week.

Step Four: Get Moving.
So you’ve put an end to the eating madness, you’ve hydrated, you’ve eaten only whole foods…it’s now time to sweat it out.

Lace up your shoes and put on your gym clothes. When you start your workout, ease in slowly. Take the time to warm up and stretch your muscles before powering up to a solid 30-minute exercise routine.

I have just the exercise plan for you – one that will not only help you recover from your wild weekend, but will help keep you motivated and going strong in the future.

Message me to find out what workout is best for you and we can build something quick and effective before the day is over.

Step Five: Get Focused.

Now that you’ve taken care of your body, it’s time to take care of your mind. What do you expect out of yourself this week? What goals do you have?

Take some time to sit quietly, and decide what drove you to go overboard this weekend and make a pledge to not let it happen again.

Journaling and meditation will help you to understand yourself better and to create the blueprint for your immediate and long-term future.

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