Why You Can’t (Don’t) Say No



Hello Holiday Sweets Season…

Has the season gotten to you yet? You know what I’m talking about–that feeling of excitement in your gut as the colder air greets you with the promise that you can eat whatever you want…that you can shake off the need to fit into tighter and more revealing clothes…that you can hide in jackets.

The Holidays can totally wreck all your fitness-related dreams and goals.

And if you are like most people then your fitness dreams and goals have something to do with losing weight.

But wait. What better time is there than now to transform your body into the one that you’ve always dreamed of? If you live out here in AZ, then it’s actually cool enough outside to start walking again!

To get you off to a great start today, I’d like to share with you some food for thought:

Why do you eat?

Now I know at first glance the answer to that question seems painfully obvious–but I want you to dig deeper. You’re probably thinking that you eat when your body is hungry to get the energy you need to sustain life. And you’re partially right. But that’s not the only reason that you eat.

The truth is that you (along with almost everyone you know) eat too much and eat the wrong things. Your body simply doesn’t need all of the calories that you consume, and it shows in a physique that is less than svelte. If we only ate to fuel our bodies then we’d all have washboard abs. And that’s clearly not the case, right? Especially starting today on Halloween…

So what drives you to eat what you shouldn’t? Hmmmm.

Here are a few things to think about today:

1. Aiming to please in a social situation. This one is obvious today. People are expecting you to eat candy. It’s the norm right? It’s just what we do to ‘celebrate’ this day of the year. You don’t want to feel awkward and only bring more light to the current problem: Being overweight.

Here’s the thing though… tomorrow something inevitable is going to happen. Depression. The terrible depression that inevitably follows a night of any kind of food binge.

2. Because you’re emotional/momentary weakness. …but the truth is that you also eat when you are emotional. Think back–can you remember a time when you turned to food after a stressful confrontation? Or how about when you’ve soothed the blues away by treating your sweet tooth? And it’s not just negative emotions that lead to emotional eating–most of us reward happiness with unnecessary calories as well.

Emotional eating adds an untold number of calories to your diet–all calories that are unnecessary and turn into fatty deposits on your body.

3. Lack of commitment. Come on, don’t just sit there, have a slice of pizza with us. No one likes to eat alone, and so you feel obligated to eat with others. How many times have you filled up a plate just because everyone else was eating? Who wants to feel like an outsider?

If you’re part of a weightloss program, there’s no reason to binge tonight. Find more strength in the pact you’ve made with yourself than your desire to please those around you. The main idea behind socializing is togetherness and enjoying others company- NOT reaffirming others idea to internally destroy themselves. Remember this- the people that want you to break your diet are the same people that want you to remind them that what THEY are doing to themselves is alright. Don’t be that person for them.

When eating becomes a social activity with no thought to the calories that are being consumed, only one thing will result: weight gain and unhappiness.

4. Because you need to change patterns. At the end of each day you relax in front of the television with a snack, and I’m willing to bet that it isn’t because you’re hungry. You simply associate sitting down to watch television with eating something. Or maybe you always visit the vending machine on your break whether you’re hungry or not–it’s just become a habit.

As humans we love to form habits, and when your habits involve eating extra calories then your waistline suffers for it.

Here is my challenge to you: Take the time to examine why you are eating, and choose to only eat when you’re truly hungry.

I’d like to help you break your addiction or any of the above reasons by getting involved with one of our progressive programs. Week by week we can help you to conquer new challenges and slowly and surely break past all the roadblocks that have been in your way for months and probably years. All you need is that spark to want to make this happen.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and I want to be there with you every step of the way. Give us a call today so we can make this your best and most empowering holiday season yet! 

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