Let’s Make That Diet A Success

You’ve considered it for weeks, months, years even.

But, now is the time that you’ve decided to make a change and go on that diet.

But don’t just dive right in. I’m one week into my “reconstruction” and there some questions I’d like you to answer before starting yours.

See, in the last ten years I’ve personally done a lot right and a lot wrong, when it came to my personal fitness- hey, I’m only human. I’ve let work get in the way, I’ve made excuses to not workout, I’ve convinced myself that it was easier put it off till another day… everything, believe me.

Today, I’m going to expand on this mornings email to my members and make sure that your diet won’t land you in the land of diet failure.

Question 1: Does it make you hungry all day every day?

When you’re on a diet, it’s normal to feel the occasional tinge of hunger. Much of those light hunger pangs, however, should be done away with by drinking a glass of water. And if you stay busy enough with life in general, you ought to be able to ignore some other hunger. But if your diet has you feeling hungry at all times, you’re not going to last long.

In my first week, my nutrition coach and I had to determine the correct macros to start off with.

Within a few days, I was out of energy, the scale wasn’t budging, I was losing sleep, didn’t want to workout, and heck- I didn’t event want to drink water.

This is obviously NOT the way to go. Guess what? I needed more calories. In the form of guess what? Carbohydrates. How can that be you ask? Aren’t carbs bad for you? No, they aren’t… but more on that later.

To avoid falling into the pit of hungry despair, go with a diet that lets you eat lean protein, healthy carbs, fiber, and healthy fats. Also, as stated above, drink plenty of water to avoid confusing hunger with thirst.

Question 2
: Does it force you to drop food groups?

A healthy diet is one that incorporates appropriate amounts of food from each food group. When a diet cuts an entire food group from your eating options, you’re going to have a hard time surviving your diet for longer than a week or two. (Like me above)

One of the most popular food groups to cut is carbohydrates. While not eating carbs will indeed help you lose weight, carbs are what make it possible to store energy to make it through the day. No carbs, no energy, no willpower to maintain your diet.

Question 3
: Is your mood suddenly unpredictable?

Everyone gets grumpy every once in a while, but if your diet is too restrictive, you may find your mood swings coming with greater regularity and severity. This happens because excessive caloric restrictions messes with the chemicals in your brain. When this occurs, there is no telling what direction your mood will go- again like me!

Before letting your diet ruin your relationships and put your job at risk, reconsider your diet and find one that helps you be cool, calm, and collected.

Question 4
: Does it insist there is no need to exercise?

There are some diet plans that promise plenty of lost pounds without the addition of exercise.

Even our Game Changer Nutrition Program, asks you to limit exercise for the first week… but, through the remaining seven weeks you MUST workout if you’re going to see true success!

If this is the type of diet you’re considering or are in the midst of, beware! Exercise comes with countless health benefits that will make your weight loss all the more beneficial. From preventing chronic pain to improving your energy level and sleeping better, exercise is a vital component to any diet.

I know a certain no-carb ‘nutrition’ plan is rally popular right now- but let me save you the pain of going through it. Make sure and pick a plan that lets you eat carbs.

Question 5
: Do you still weigh the same?

It is true that the best way to lose weight is slowly—approximately one or two pounds per week. But take note that slowly doesn’t mean not at all.

In the event you’ve been on a diet for a few weeks without any results to speak of, then your diet is a flop. Drop it immediately and find something that will help you lose pounds.

Otherwise, you’ll get discouraged with your diet and swap it for the old habits that got you where you are now.

Remember that a true body transformation comes only from a combination of diet and exercise.

Call or email me today to get started on the only fitness program that you’ll ever need! And, if you have any questions about my personal plan feel free to ask.

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