December Client Spotlight: Laura Stulting

When did you start your weight loss journey?
I started my journey in March of 2016.

What made you decide to make the big change?
I knew I was unhealthy and I wanted to make a change. I had tried different diets and other gyms, but I needed more support and education then I was getting, so I decided to invest in a program from Phoenix 360 Fitness.

What/who kept you motivated once you started and how much weight have you lost?
Within the first month I lost 10 lbs and that was the most progress I had seen thus far. Those results motivated me to keep moving and I developed a level of trust with the trainers. The trainers are who keeps me motivated. I have always found answers, support and encouragement from all of them. In addition, I have a supportive family who also motivates me to keep going.

I’ve now lost 34 pounds and 9% bodyfat!


What was one of your biggest hurdles and how did you overcome it?
The biggest hurdle I overcame was learning how to properly portion my meals. I did not have a clue on how to do that correctly. Also, I had this belief before I started that I wasn’t capable of being strong enough or fit enough to complete the workouts. In the beginning it was so hard, but the trainers helped me with adjusting the workouts so that I could and eventually I was able to more than I expected.

How much do you exercise?
It depends on how many carbs I have in a week. For my body, if I don’t have enough, I don’t gain muscle and therefore I do not lose fat. Typically in a week, I work out 3-5 times.

If you could give someone weight loss advice what would it be?
My best advice is to first throw out what you think you know about fitness and nutrition. Be willing to take advice. If you know a lot, be willing to learn more. Second, don’t give up. You’re going to have good and bad days. Just keep going and do your best. Lastly, make this a priority.

What’s your take on carbs?
Carbs are delicious! Seriously, they are important to have in my diet; however, it’s important to know how much and how often and what type of carbs to have. Through participating in Ryan Lucero’s Game Changer, I learned so much about carb cycling, portion size and what kind of carbs are good for my body not only for weight loss but for balanced eating. There’s another GC starting in Janurary so people should sign up fast.

What’s your favorite protein powder?
My favorite protein powder is Protizyme Peanut Butter Cookie. I feel like I’m cheating every time I drink it. πŸ˜‰

How do you make it all work? Being a busy student, working full time, and having a busy life?
I am a full time pre-nursing student and a nanny. I have a very busy schedule. I made it work because I make a priority. My health is one of the most important things in my life and so I treat it as such. Also, the workout schedule times vary in a way that I can build my schedule around it.

One thought on “December Client Spotlight: Laura Stulting

  1. So proud of you Laura, weight loss and getting healthy and staying that way is sooo hard! Good for you!

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