Q & A with Megan McCawley, Winner of the 2016 Phoenix 360 Fitness Ambassador

We asked our members to submit questions to Megan about her recent win of Phoenix 360 Fitness Ambassador and we condensed them to the following just for you! Our Ambassador contest is a two month in-house competition that battles members on three categories: Bodyfat percentage loss, total pushups and member referrals into our facility.

If you’re looking to start your fitness journey, read these quick and spunky (and especially motivational) answers and then click the link at the bottom to start YOUR journey too! Enjoy!

What made you want to compete to be the Phoenix 360 Fitness Ambassador for 2016?
I love phoenix 360 fitness and I already kinda felt like the ambassador, I love talking to my friends and family about this place, I love rooting on everyone at the gym, oh, and I love winning… 😉

What were the biggest contributing factors to your success (i.e. Routine, sprints, nutrition, etc)

My biggest contributor is listening to my coach, Ryan Lucero. Asking Ryan questions, and listening with an open mind to what he has to say. I slowly learn more about proper nutrition and how to workout, but if you want to accomplish anything you have to listen to a professional you trust.

What were your biggest motivations in turning your fitness journey around?
Mind over matter. If you can’t get it in you’re head that you are capable, if you are not positive about your fitness journey you will not accomplish anything. It affects me regularly. If I’m not in the right frame of mind you are not going to get anywhere. Believe in yourself, believe in the process, believe in those around you. You. Can. Do. It.
How did you get so many friends and family to come in as referrals?
I am stubborn. I LOVE winning. If I set my mind to something I finish it. I was willing to do anything short of hitman duties, licking toes, or punching babies to get people to buy Groupons. I talked about the gym with anyone who would listen, I begged, and I traded favors. I wanted to win. I tried to win. I won!
What was your lowest point/how did you bounce back?
I went on two vacations during the challenge, one of those was 2.5 weeks and a food cruise. I ate everything in sight. EVERYTHING! I LOVE food, maybe more than winning… it’s really close. Anyway, I worked out every day on the cruise, I came back and I was breaking even from weigh in and the I worked hard 🙂

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What do you do when you have a sweet tooth?
Hmmm… my biggest food challenge is mexican food but I do occasionally have a sweet tooth. I sometimes will have a low carb Popsicle. Or I will make my own “ice cream” it’s frozen banana, pineapple and peanut butter. I put it in my ninja and I have a little treat. It’s so yummy and it’s a little heavy in carbs but it’s healthy carbs 🙂

What does a typical day of nutrition look like for you?

During the challenge I was very strict about my hitting my macro-nutrients, the ones Ryan gave specific to me. I meal prepped. I didn’t eat out. I planned ahead! I hear a lot from people about how boring their food is if they meal prep. That is not the case for me. I make 3-4 different proteins a week and 2-4 different “salads” I mix and match them but they all fit my macros. PLAN AHEAD!!!!

What keeps you motivated to get to the gym when you don’t feel like going?
This is suuuuper rare for me. The gym is the happiest place on earth for me (8000% better than Disneyland, but I don’t even like Disneyland so I’m not sure that counts) when I do feel that way however, I just go anyway. I feel accountable to the people there. I know if I don’t show up someone will notice and give me a hard time. Or I’ll text someone and try to get them to give me a good reason not to go and they don’t. I have people in my life that hold me accountable, I don’t get to isolate, if I’m not going to the gym it’s because I suffer from occasional depression and I start to isolate. I need people in my life who recognize that and draw me out! It’s a great system. Get an accountability partner. Someone who won’t cosign on your BS! If you want that to be me it’d be my pleasure! I’m brutal though so watch out!

What are your future fitness goals?

I don’t set anything to fancy up for myself, little goals at a time. I mostly just want to be healthy and happy. Sure I’d like to have some abs. A six pack would be the dream! For now I’m going to lose 1% body fat at a time!
What personal advice would you give someone who is struggling with their weight?

STOP! Take a deep breath! Drink some water, think about one small goal at a time. Keep it simple. Make a small positive change in your diet, a small positive time in your workout plan, and a small positive change in your frame of mind! Love yourself where you’re at and work hard.


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