And Our Winner is…

What a tough and rewarding two months it’s been. Last week we had a two way tie, so we decided that the best thing to do would be to let ALL the contestants (that made the final weigh-in) come back in one week later and re-test their bodyfat in a seven day free-for-all!

One of the other criteria to win our contest was actual referrals into our training facility so that was a frenzy this week as well.

You’ve all done amazing and deserve all the credit, so GREAT JOB!


Okay enough wait- the 2016 winner of our Fitness Ambassador Challenge is Megan McCawley with a whopping 2.5% bodyfat lost and 10 referrals into Phoenix 360 Fitness!

What CAN’T we say about Megan?









She’s a fierce competitor for sure…

A true lover of our gym and whole program.

She even welcomes new members into our studio and helps to provide a new home for them to reach all their fitness needs!


Megan is going to be treated to a full spa day totally on us for winning the challenge. We hope she likes being pampered! (we know she does)

She truly deserves this for all her hard work and dedication! Megan will now be the face of our advertising for the rest of the year as well, and she’s gonna have the heat turned up on her by everyone at Phoenix 360 Fitness to realize her goals- but she can take it. 😉

Congrats Lady- we all love you like crazy!





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