This Needs To Be Said…

This weekend was pretty horrific for our nation wasn’t it? Waking up to the events in Orlando and seeing all the grief and pain that was caused was, and is still, devastating.

Quite awhile back, I created a members only group on Facebook just for our members. I wanted to have a place for everyone to be able to interact away from the public and be able to issue motivational challenges, give away recipes and just provide general helpful knowledge to our members that they couldn‘t get anywhere else.

In addition to the one I posted today, I’d like to issue another, here, for EVERYONE.

The Challenge is simply this: Be the change we need in the world.

1. Counteract the events of this weekend with an act of love or generosity that you normally WOULD NOT have done

2. We can’t change what happened, but we can change what we do because of what happened.

Years ago, right after 9/11 I decided that I had to start making different decisions and taking calculated “risks” to make myself and the world far better than the way I found it.

Today could be that day for you.

3. Take that trip to a far away place and open up your mind. Start donating your time (whatever you have), to a cause that’s close to your heart. Change the job you’ve hated for years in favor of one that will bring joy to your days instead of sadness and apprehension, or simply call or email that person you haven’t spoken to in years and thank them for how they changed or influenced your life for the better.

The future of our nation and world wont be decided by mad men and women hell-bent on destroying our freedoms and taking away our rights, but on the events that now follow.

Will you choose to be a beacon of hope and inspiration, or one of hate and separation living in a self-imposed prison cell? You make the choice.

Good luck and have a great day!

Ryan Lucero

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