Fitness Ambassador Challenge 2016 Rules and Point System

Program duration:
8 weeks (Total Body Transformation)

Winner gets a $400 total makeover (nails, hair, facial, massage, etc). Winner also gets the title of Fitness Ambassador for 6 months.

On June 18th, at 10am, all participants must weigh in, take a body % test and do their 1st try at the pushups (or body weight squats)

Point System:
Participants will compete in 3 categories;
1. Referrals – Each referral earns participant 2 points. Our Groupon (only $32) will be left up to make this easy for you to get your friends to sign up! 3 points will be awarded if you refer someone into the Fitness Ambassador Program Contest!
2. Push Ups or Body Weight Squats – Each extra pushup or body weight squat that the participant can perform at the end of the program compared to what they were able to do in the beginning of the program earns them 1 point.
3. Percentage of body fat. Each 0.5% lost at the end of the program earns the participant 2 points