Hey everyone, Ryan Lucero here, owner of Phoenix 360 Fitness! Summer is upon us, and for everyone in the Phoenix area, that means pools and bathing suits.
The last thing you want is to be left OUT of the fun, or worse- feel uncomfortable or unready to participate in family gatherings because of an unhealthy body image because of excess weight. Here at Phoenix 360 Fitness, we believe in feeling good about your body throughout the weight loss process and strive to deliver fast AND lasting results.
Before you turn to a bootcamp this year, check out the list below to help you determine if they are the right one for you.

1. They take time to get to know you. The last thing you want is to be just another Bootcamp member in the facility and have no real access to a trainer for guidance.
2. Look for variety. Workouts should be supportive and challenging. Does the facility have kettlebells, TRX, as well as offering body weight training? Are the workouts fun?
3. Don’t look for the cheapest. Cheap membership prices equal bad results and no attention. Now, remember- quality guidance doesn’t come cheap. Take a look at your finances and know your budget before you walk into the facility. Often times, you can get MAJOR discounts for signing up on the first day of your trail or free week.
4. Do they offer a free week to try their facility and experience their culture? If you’re gonna pay for quality, you’re gonna want to give it a test drive to see if they stand up to what they say they offer.
5. Do they offer nutritional guidance? One size DOES NOT fit all. Make sure they guide a variety of different body types and conditions.
6. Do they welcome you with a smile? Look for motivational coaches that really love what they do and have a desire to help you achieve the results you so desperately want!
7. Results. Can they show you a proven track record for success? This doesn’t just apply to photos… Can they walk you through their gym and introduce you to people on the same mission as yourself with positive results?
8. Indoor and air conditioned. It’s too hot. If you live here you know this.
9. The last one is all about you. Walk in with confidence and don’t be afraid to ask questions or for exercise modifications. A good trainer will tell you to not do the exercise while a great trainer will give you something else that’s safe and keeps you moving in the session. Also, remember that you’re gonna have ups and downs during your first few weeks. Make a realistic goal and remind yourself of it everyday. Like you always hear: This is a lifestyle change we’re going for that’s gonna lead to a healthier and happier YOU.