December Client Spotlight: Jill Jones

FullSizeRenderWhere did you grow up?
We moved every few years when I was growing up. I most associate with Texas in my middle school years, and I graduated high school in a suburb of Chicago. I moved to Arizona after graduating college because my parents had moved here.

How did you become interested in and how long have you been with Phoenix 360 Fitness?
My mom, sister and niece were all going to Phoenix 360 Fitness and really liked it. I wanted to get in shape, but didn’t really know how to get started. I knew just getting a gym membership wouldn’t be for me; I needed a group and a trainer. So I made a New Year’s resolution to get started. That was January 2014, so I have been attending for two years now.

What Motivates/Inspires/Determines you to train and push your self to your limits?
At first I was just coming so I could get in shape. I was tired and out of energy, so I wanted to change that. I didn’t really like exercising and I didn’t start out pushing myself. But the fit fam at PHX360 is great and very encouraging, so I went even when I didn’t want to. This summer I decided it was time to lose weight. When the first ten pounds comes off, it is very motivating. Now I like working out and it does make me feel good. A little success is motivating for more success. I actually run on my own now in addition to the workout at PHX360, and you know what a big change that is for me. Also, the quote on the wall is true. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you, so you have to go bigger, stronger and harder all the time.

How has your training at Phoenix 360 helped you in your life?
I finally have energy again. I feel good and I am happy. I think it is true that exercising increases endorphins and endorphins make you happy. I also find doing cardio (walking and running) to be a great stress reliever, so it helps me channel everything.

What accomplishment/lift are you most proud of?
I want to say I am most proud of losing the weight, but I think what really makes me proud is how much stronger and confident I have become. Looking better and feeling better makes a difference, so when I can go up a weight in some exercise, I am proud of myself.

How do you balance your time with a job, and taking care of yourself?
I always make time for exercising. It is my investment in myself. In order to be able to help others, I need to help myself first. So every day as I plan my schedule, I plan for a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise. I make it a priority. I don’t have kids at home, so it might be easier for me to do than other people, but it is worth it.

If you could give our readers one health tip, what would it be?
Two tips: First – every person is different, so only compare yourself to yourself. You only need to be your best, not someone else’s. Second – you have to commit and follow the nutritional guidance Ryan gives you. For a long time I wanted to lose weight but it was all wishes and no action. I wasn’t willing to give what it takes. To really accomplish something you can’t have excuses.

Want to start a program in 2016 and reach your full potential like Jill? Give us a call at (480) 518-3749 or email to get your New Year started Right!

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