What If You Had to Walk 8 Hours to Have Water? Every Day.

Hey everyone, hope you’re enjoying the amazing day we’re having here in Phoenix (just enough rain to make it feel like we aren’t in Phoenix)!

Everybody knows I love coffee. No way around it. I post about it. I look forward to it when I go to bed… it’s also the best natural preworkout drink you can have, in my humble opinion. Okay, I already want some more now.

Recently, Phoenix 360 started offering Renegade Roasting Co coffee to our early morning S.W.E.A.T. Bootcampers as a way to say thank you for all their hard work, and hell, to send them off with a warm tasty drink to get their day started off EXTRA good…

subscribepodcastWhich brings me to Jason Ferruggia. Jason is the founder of Renegade Fitness, LLC, host of the wildly popular podcast, The Jay Ferruggia Show, co-owner of Renegade Roasting Company, and an all around baddass kinda dude.

So let me backtrack. Coffee. I didn’t just want to go buy some Folgers (no offense Folgers), I wanted to offer something REALLY special to our clients. They’ve done so much for us with their commitment, sweat, and loyalty, that it only makes sense that they should have a unique brand of coffee in the morning too.

Generosity-LogoNow aside from the great taste of Renegade Roast (think hazelnut, cinnamon, chocolate, wine, cedar), the one thing that made me want to partner with them was this:

Through our partnership with Generosity Water, we help build wells in villages that have no access to drinkable water. There are nearly 1 billion people in the world without clean water.  This leads to disease and eventually death. Each bag of our coffee you purchase will provide 1 person in need with clean water for 2 years. -Renegade Roasting Co.

Now that’s amazing.

I was listening to Jason’s Podcast just today, and his guest Scott Harrison. Scott shared what lead him to start the top rated non-profit charity, Charity Water, and shared lessons and one really heart-breaking story of suicide caused by the struggle for water in many parts of the world. Here’s a link to the podcast: *Click here to listen to Episode 40* If you want to forward straight to the story I’m talking about try the 16:00 mark.

I want to make sure that as Phoenix 360 continues to grow and serve the public, that we make sure to support other companies that go the extra mile as well and always seek out the very best in fitness, food and health. Drop by the studio sometime, visit and maybe even ask us for a cup of Renegade Roast. (or click here and get some of your own and join us in helping bring clean water to those in need)

Committed to your Health and Success,


Ryan Lucero, NASM-CPT is the Owner/Founder- Phoenix 360 Personal Training and Nutrition located in Chandler, Arizona
Ryan Lucero, NASM-CPT is the Owner/Founder- Phoenix 360 Personal Training and Nutrition located in Chandler, Arizona



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