Are Your Clothes Getting Tighter?

Hey everyone hope you’re having a great morning

I was sitting back the other day (after I got done doing some rowing… So I was kind of unable to move), and thinking about how great it is to change things up and move out of our comfort zone. I’m lucky enough to have amazing friends, family, mentors and business colleagues that always challenge me to ask more of myself.

This month has been a great example of that, opening up the new Phoenix 360 in Chandler, Arizona. New ground, new challenges. MANY more chances and opportunities to excel and shine.

Which brings me to this:
There’s nothing wrong with being a beginner. You have to embrace that position- so many times I talk to people that start our programs and hear the frustration- almost depressed- to be where they are.
They’re down that they’ve let themselves get where they are. They’re upset that they don’t fit into their clothes anymore.
They’re sad that they feel like life is passing them by- and MAD at them selves for letting it get that way.

Well, what I’m gonna tell you is what I tell them. Leave that bag of bricks on the ground behind you and celebrate the fact that you haven’t given up. You’re a fighter. You don’t stay down after you’ve been knocked down.

By starting our programs and asking for help you’ve already immensely closed that large gab between you and your dreams and desires.

At the beginning of November we’re launching our national Fit For Fall campaign and asking those of you that aren’t members and feel like the people I described above, to join for the super low price and INSURE that you are truly happy through the holidays and start 2015 the right way. Embrace being a beginner and start with US!

Click here to get the Fit For Fall Details!

Wishing you success,

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