Did you *FALL* for the #1 myth that makes you fatter?

There are a lot of fitness myths out there -many of which actually MAKE YOU FATTER! (yikes)

And now that the holidays are right around the corner (along with the dreaded holiday weight gain) some people will fall for these myths and end up even HEAVIER than when they started!

But there is ONE in particular that I hear about time and time again that really just makes me crazy: It’s that EXCESSIVE CARDIO is great for fat loss.

LIES I TELL YOU! (the effects are actually pretty devastating, and why we don’t use excessive cardio in my new Fit For Fall Program, keep reading…people have actually LOST our past Fatloss contests from doing too much and losing precious lean body mass)

It kills me when a new client comes in and tells me how they need “cardio” to lose weight.

“How much cardio do you do?” they ask. They are always flabbergasted at my response: “Little to NONE.”

They are always SHOCKED to learn excessive cardio is probably the WORST exercise to do for fat loss.

Well then, how is it my clients lose so much weight? How is it my clients consistently lose 12-20 pounds of ugly fat and 3-5 inches from their belly in their first month alone?

The amazing results I get all has to do with my specialized fat loss training system (that only takes 30 minutes) coupled with my custom nutrition plan.
It has ZERO to do with excessive cardio.

The research is there, it is conclusive that cardio is a miserable waste of time when it comes to fat loss. Without a quality resistance program… You’re doomed to failure. The problem is that big gyms will continue to perpetuate this complete load of BS because they have big bucks invested in endless rows of fancy ass high tech treadmills and ellipticals.

HERE IS A SECRET (that the big box gyms do not want you to know):
Machines do not burn fat – YOU DO!

Here are my TOP 4 reasons to avoid cardio for fat loss:

4) Excessive Cardio MAKES YOU OLD

A recent study published in the Journal Of Strength and Conditioning Research found that cardio creates a massive increase of oxidative damage and floods the body with destructive free radicals. These free radicals have been proven to damage organs including your skin. This free radical damage is especial noticeable in the facial tissues, causing skin to sag making you look considerably older.

3) Excessive Cardio MAKES YOU WEAK

Cardio has been shown to chew up muscle tissue. Just look your typical marathon runner. Those guys look a stiff wind could break them in half. Yup, long boring cardio induces muscle loss that leads directly to a slower metabolism and ultimately a weaker body.

2) Excessive Cardio DESTROYS YOUR JOINTS

Think about it, cardio is essentially THOUSANDS of identical reps – one after the other. Over and over. Again and again. This leads to a host of injuries including Patllofemoral Pain Syndrome (severe knee pain), Plantar Faciitis, Achillies Tendonitis and Spinal Compression just to name a few. Sound like fun? It’s not.

1) Excessive Cardio ACTUALLY MAKES YOU FAT

Cardio decreases your metabolism, and as you probably know your “metabolism” (or metabolic rate) is the measurement of how much energy your burn each day. We want that number to be high, not low. As your metabolism goes down so too does your body’s ability to burn fat. A common response is then to do even more cardio, suppressing the metabolism even more leaving you even more soft and flabby. This gives you the dreaded “skinny fat” look.

So if cardio is not the answer what is? How about a proven fat loss plan?
Good news: I have a created a specialized and targeted fat loss training system that doesn’t take hours to do and works CRAZY FAST. (like 2-5lbs of fat gone per week fast!)

When you follow my proven fat loss formula it only takes less than 30 minutes three times per week. That’s right – less than 30 minutes and no crappy (and useless) cardio.

Here’s what you can expect.

•Increase your metabolism burn for up to 48 hours
•Activate a special fat-burning SUPER-•Hormone for super-fast fat loss
•Build muscle and burn fat at the same time
•And will help you slide back into your bikini
•Will allow you to NEVER have to do excessive cardio again
•Take less than 30 minutes to do (from warm-up to your last rep)
•But that’s not all because you can’t “out-cardio” bad food choices. As a matter of fact flat stomachs are made in the kitchen.

So how are you supposed to do that?

How about a step-by-step guide and menu? Yup, I’ve got you covered!

When you join my 28 Day Fit For Fall program not only do you get targeted fitness & fat loss training but you’ll get

CUSTOMIZED NUTRITION PLAN (no counting calories)
FULL GROCERY LISTS (know exact what to shop for)
DONE-FOR-YOU MENUS (make tasty & fast meals for the whole family)
A daily guide of what to eat and went to eat it. That’s right, a customized step-by-step nutrition plan designed to do one thing: get you results FAST.

And it’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t second-guess yourself and follow a proven formula for fitness and that loss success.

.. and you’ll be more than good- You’ll be in the best shape of your life.


I have come up with a way for you to get the entire 28 day program only 2 payments of $49 (over 70% off while I have space)

Yes, you get entire program:

-Unlimited Sessions per week w/ Personal Trainer
-Custom “No Calorie Counting” Nutrition Plan
-NO Cardio
-Full Meal Plans
-Full Grocery Lists
-Unlimited Coaching (so you burn even more fat)
-And Tons of Accountability, Motivation and Guidance
-So even if you can only workout 3 per week (for only 30 minutes!) you can say goodbye to that belly once and for all!

So call (480) 518-3749 and I will secure your spot.

Because of how effective this 28 day rapid fat loss program is you can expect that it will sell out fast – so call me NOW!

I’m looking forward to working with you! (and NOT doing any excessive cardio!)

– Ryan Lucero- PHX360

PS: Call me now at (480) 518-3749 with any questions. If I do not answer it just means that I am signing up another client so call me back ASAP so you do not lose your spot.

PPS: This program is NOT what you have used in the past…

•No hours and hours spent in the gym
•No crazy low calorie diets
•No magic powders or pill
•No useless cardio
•No BS – just RESULTS


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