21 Things I Wish I Knew At 21


  1. Don’t be afraid to go it alone– there’s no pleasure quite like being able to say you built something with your own two hands. You have amazing reserves of strength and power within you if you’ll only just have courage. Sometimes the only way to do something is by yourself.
  2. Be tolerant of others, and kind and patient– it’s simple. You have no idea what others have gone through, or, are going through. Don’t focus on the differences between you and others, but your similarities. And try not to take everything so damn personal.
  3. Don’t let anybody walk all over you- know when not to be kind and patient and tolerant. There’s gonna be a lot of people that don’t/can’t appreciate you. Focus on the ones that do.
  4. Find the thing you love most and make that your “job”– a college degree isn’t necessary for success, but KNOWLEDGE is. If you love what you do, you’ll never have to go into “work” a day in your life. Don’t believe me? Here’s 100 examples.
  5. Set a lofty goal– when I made my plan to return to the fitness world, I just didn’t want to be a trainer. I wanted to be a great trainer. I wanted to create a business that was continually evolving and becoming better and I wanted to help a large number of people. Whatever it is that you want… dream big. Wake up every day with a mission. Make your life worthy of a movie.
  6. Live in another country (or travel outside your country)- one of my best decisions ever was to move to Brazil. Have the courage to start over, somewhere that no one knows you. You’ll be surprised that the first person you meet might be yourself.
  7. Read, Read, Read– pick up some Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ayn Rand, James Joyce, Paulo Coelho… and non-fiction too… absorb yourself with learning throughout your life. Education (not just schooling) should be one of your main concerns. Open your mind… there are many people out there that want you to stay very, very, DUMB.
  8. Engage in fitness– Care about your nutrition and make physical fitness a part of your life every day. It does wonders for your happiness, stress relief, and just keeping the body functioning properly
  9. Be self-sufficient– learn how to cook, wash your clothes, change the oil in your car, etc… it’s always sweeter letting someone else do these kinds of things for you when you already know you can do it yourself
  10. Have a hobby– have a place or thing you can escape to- outside of your profession. I love photography, writing, archaeology, the list goes on and on… never let yourself say, “I’m bored.” You risk sounding like a fool.
  11. Don’t be shy– “you’ll miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” You’d be surprised at how many things you’ll achieve by just behaving boldly.
  12. Don’t be afraid to lose (take imperfect action)- just do it. Really. Worry about refining later. Just jump off the finish line and start whatever it is that you want to. I’ve known many people that planned and planned and planned and… and planned… get the picture?
  13. Judge your life by experiences, not possessions– as I look back now… it’s not the cars I loved most, or the watches or clothes… it’s the precious moments I’ve had with loved one; the laughs. The sights and smells and people in far off countries and here in the States that I had the pleasure to see with my own eyes and experience. Remember to be present
  14. Stay out of debt- just trust me.
  15. Sleep well– make time for at least 6-8 hours. You’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish in your waking hours if you just have REST
  16. Have faith– It doesn’t matter if you choose a religion or not, just have faith. Trust that good will prevail. Trust in yourself.
  17. Do more than expected– if someone asks you to jump, definitely ask, how high? And after they’ve given you an answer, exceed it. Again, rewards come to those that go the extra mile.
  18. People and beliefs that limit your world should be cut out of your life– your surroundings will shape you, and the people you allow in will influence your happiness, income, health and safety. Choose wisely.
  19. Never settle for second best.
  20. The world can be cold and ruthless– Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Own your decisions and realize that no one owes you a thing. Develop a thick skin
  21. The world is a beautiful place– Be the change you want to see in the world. Be optimistic and allow yourself to see all the beauty in people and places around you