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I've never felt better in my life!! I'm down 30+ lbs...woot woot!! This has all been possible with the support, encouragement, dedication, passion and love from Ryan, our trainers and ou



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America Is LAST In This Category

  As a trainer, I strive to maintain proper nutrition and health by eating right and exercising daily. It helps to keep my nutritional foundation strong and keeps me healthy all year long.  I got this advice from Jayson Hunter, the owner of JayLab Pro Nutrition and my go-to resource for helping my clients stay … Continue reading America Is LAST In This Category

Client of the Month: Elizabeth Farnsworth

  Where did you grow up? I grew up just outside of Salt Lake City Utah in a town called Sandy. We moved there when I was 12 so high school & college. I graduated in Architecture from the University of Utah. I moved to Az in 1997 to work with my Grandpa who was … Continue reading Client of the Month: Elizabeth Farnsworth

ATTENTION: Weight Loss Study Participants Needed (first 250)

  Ever since my friends at JayLab Pro released their powerful fat loss formula, LeptiSense, they’ve had a hard time keeping it on our shelves. That’s because, as Jayson has said, it’s able to help those struggling to lose weight, finally, start seeing some progress. Jayson’s mission is to help 100,000 people change their health…bodies…and … Continue reading ATTENTION: Weight Loss Study Participants Needed (first 250)

How To Lose Weight In 30 Days

  The holidays are on the horizon, and with them two straight months of eating too much, sweet indulgences, and missed workouts. Then 2019 will begin with you 5-10 pounds heavier than you are today. Ugh. No thanks. What if you spent the next 30 days dropping excess pounds and getting into better shape? Then … Continue reading How To Lose Weight In 30 Days

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