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Let us handle your workouts, nutrition, weight-tracking accountability, with our unique online and in-person method of training and provide you with a new and motivating group of friends to help you on your journey!


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I've never felt better in my life!! I'm down 30+ lbs...woot woot!! This has all been possible with the support, encouragement, dedication, passion and love from Ryan, our trainers and ou



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40% off for 48 hours only!

Introducing Prestige Labs at Phoenix 360 Fitness… You may or may not know this, but September/October is a big deal around here this year! It marks ten years since I created Phoenix 360 Fitness and five years exactly at our current location. For our anniversary I wanted to upgrade everything. More clients, better programs and … Continue reading 40% off for 48 hours only!

Our Culture of Overeating and Your Survival

  Certain foods are powerful. I saw someone on Instagram the other day mention that food was our friend, but that we needed to choose our friends wisely- So true right?! They cast a spell over the most well-meaning dieter, and cause logical people to overeat until their sides hurt sometimes (just like our actual … Continue reading Our Culture of Overeating and Your Survival

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